Acropolis Management Services’ commercial property division manages mixed-use commercial and residential properties and commercial office space, providing full service property and asset management including leasing and consulting services, and formation and management of syndicates to invest in property.

Our professional diversity and extensive experience in commercial real estate, enable us to handle all phases of management, including leasing, accounting, maintenance, and tenant relations. Investors can be assured that their commercial space will run smoother and more profitably under our management, eliminating owner involvement and increasing investor time to seek for new opportunities.

About Us

Acropolis Management Services provides acquisition consulting and development services to clients throughout the Northeast Region. For more information on the AMS portfolio please contact:

Zachary G. Darrow, CEO
76 Westminster Street, 12th Floor
Providence RI 02903


Whether a new building is intended for investment purposes or as an integral component of a business operation, its development is one of the most complex and demanding processes to manage. With an approach that has been perfected over time, the team at Acropolis manages the process from conception through completion – protecting the owners' interests - delivering each project on time, within budget and to the design standards desired. Acropolis understands that the countless decisions made during the earliest stages of development determine how well a building will operate and satisfy its objectives, impacting near-term and long-range revenues, operating costs and ultimate value.

Our team proactively approaches every property as an investment, focusing on value-add components and reduction of operating costs.

Our clients set the project goals and objectives; it is our role is to ensure these are achieved by guiding the development process to exceed expectations of ownership.

Property Management and Leasing

When it comes to commercial real estate, maximizing operational efficiencies and creating a quality environment for tenants produces the best possible results for clients and investors.

We apply years of market expertise, high standards, and sound decision-making to each opportunity as it arises. Our organization is built on the skills and expertise of experience commercial real estate professionals whose primary focus has always been to deliver consistently superior service and performance.

Acropolis is committed to the process of continuous evaluation, response, and improvement to ensure quality and consistency at every service level.

Consulting Services

With a solid track record of providing our services to large and mid-sized commercial real estate owners and real estate private equity fund, we are able to provide access to an expansive network of firms and advisers, including Waldorf Capital Management LLC who offers institutional investors a variety of investment opportunities and investment vehicles -- each designed to assist clients in meeting their specific risk/return objectives. Groups like Waldorf, provide clients with separate account advisory services surrounding single-party acquisitions, or commingled fund and joint-venture real estate structures for those who want a broad diversification of real estate holdings.